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Our Mission is to Inspire, Empower and Encourage underrepresented people pursuing educational and career goals. 

                    Beautiful Girls and their brilliant magnet design
                    Southern Arizona During Black History Month 2015
The Saturday Community Day at the First Church of God in Christ and the Sierra Vista Dreamers Program

A young engineer and his fantastic robot!

The wonderful Event Team!
Pastor C. McCaa-upper left,
The Southern Arizona Sponsor Representative, Marcus Harston top right- Sulphur Springs Valley Electric Cooperative
Organizer for the event:
Charles and Sibine Mackin
Middle Left,
James Cole, middle right
Donna Kristine Manley, Guess Author of Resumes for Children
Lynn Thomkins, MEP Board Member, middle left
Ramona McCaa, Executive Director Sierra Vista Dreamers middle
Executive Director MEP,middle right 
Director of Tours Amy Griffin, right
Thank you all!!! We had a wonderful week!
For more pictures please go to the Black Inventors Page!

There is lots of exciting news this winter!
MEP has been accepted into the Principal Charity Golf Classic! Now you can donate directly into the Birdes classic and help the MEP Program! Donation dates are:
December 19, 2014-June 7, 2015.
The pledge collection deadline is July 10, 2015
To donate, please go to the link at the top of the page and read more about the opportunity to support MEP in the principal charity classic, select our organization from the list. The donations will help fund the Summer Youth Employment Program for 2015.
 You can also particpate in the "Birdies Matching Program" by pledging at least .05 cents a birdie to guess how many total birdies will be made. Did you know in 2014 there were "birdies" 843 made? What is a birdie? It is one stroke better than a "par" for any golf hole on the golf course. 

Welcome & thank you to New Eastern Iowa Sponsor Alliant Energy for a grant to kick off the new STEM in the Box Program in Eastern Iowa Schools!
    Check it out at!

On November 1, 2014, the program celebrated fifteen years in service to children around the United States.

Welcome to Iowa Valley Community College:

The Iowa Valley Community College District and ISU Extension Staff with the Director of Education.
Iowa Valley Community College District-Ellsworth  and Marshalltown Colleges:
This spring on April 15 and 16, 2015, the new exhibit will open highlighting the "Contributions of Latinos in STEAM" science, engineering, technology, art and math! Two Multicultural Education Day's will be held at the Ellsworth Community College in Iowa Falls and the Iowa Valley Community College in Marshalltown, Iowa. It will be open to middle and high school youth in and around the Iowa Falls and Marshalltown areas. There will be a program with workshops presenters from 9:00 a.m.-2:30 p.m.  More information is available on the new Career Day Page!

 The new "Contributions of Latino's In STEAM"  Exhibit will also be apart of our new STEM in the Box Program. Schools can check out the kit and return it when the studies are completed. Please visit the new web site at for more information on the STEM in the Box program. 

Thank you to the UPS Foundation! 
Pictured below, a $5,000.00 grant presented by UPS Executives to the Executive Director last summer 2014. 

Planning for summer!
Dr. Paula Mahone
seated, MEP Board President,
Anthony Tweh, Executive Director,Child Future International &
Michelle Taylor-Frazier, Executive Director, MEP 
Reed Mells, College Director of Communication for MEP
The summer of 2014 the MEP program, Child Future International and World will be collaborating to bring a new program "Science and Art Under the Stars"  to Des Moines, Iowa Parks & neighborhoods in the urban core. This program is sponsored by the African American Leadership Foundation, United Way and the Des Moines Community Not for Profit Foundation.
Please go to the Science in the Park Program page to learn more about this exciting opportunity. 

 Ms. Sande Bell, Director of Education for MEP, conducts a training session for the youth from college, high school and MEP Junior volunteers at the planning meeting in early June.                                                                          
This spring 2014 after our national tour,  visited East High School in Des Moines, Iowa. They were studying Black Inventors.
Thanks to a $1,000 Grant from Westbank the Students had a new and different educational experience.

Pictured:Jennifer Richy, Bank Manager, with Michelle L. Taylor-Frazier,Executive Director MEP.

For more pictures, please go to the Black Inventors Classroom page.

Please check out our Earth Day 2014 celebration activities with our presenting sponsor UPS.Please go to the Earth Day page for more information.

Summer is coming check out the Science and Engineering Fun & Hands on health pages to book your groups summer program or week long camp! It is available from May 27-August-8,2014


Ms. Sandra Bell,The Director of Education, with Ms. Savita Parmar, A BTAD Induction Expert at the Teacher Learning Academy for the LA Unified School District at Maya Angelou High School. The Multicultural Ed. team spoke there on Saturday January 25, 2014 to introduce the new Black Inventors Exhibit and activities to over 200 science teachers and administrators in Los Angeles, CA.

Mr. Donald Pipkins, our guest NASA Engineer and Ms. Sandra Bell

Garrett A. Morgan, Inventor of the
the Street Light & Gas Mask

The Teachers were invited to walk around the courtyard and view a few of the new inventors and the matching activity.

October 27, 2013. Michelle conducted
a workshop for the guests at the National Pan Hellenic Council in Houston, Texas on the science and engineering programs offered by Multicultural Educational Programs, Inc.
For the second half of the workshop, Mr. Donald Pipkins from the NASA Johnson Space Center shared his information with participants.
Mrs. Wendy A. Lowe, the S.E. Regional Director at the booth
Participants from all over the United States ask questions at the booth.
Michelle shows the first new Black Inventors Exhibit drawing of Lewis H. Latimer. He invented the filament within the light bulb. The Exhibit is
being renovated with a grant from the UPS Foundation.
For more information, check out the Black Inventors page!
celebrating fourteen years of dynamic STEM (science, technology, engineering & math) programming. The Executive Director, Michelle Taylor-Frazier has been an early childhood consultant and social worker for twenty-six years. She received her Bachelor of Arts in Sociology from Drake University in Des Moines, Iowa. Michelle is an army brat and spent over 13 years of her childhood outside the continental United States. Michelle recently received a volunteer service award from President Barrack Obama for her service in the Des Moines, Iowa Community.
Sandra K. Bell, a Retired Principal is the Director of Education and had served the Des Moines School District for over thirty-eight years. Sandra spent her entire career working with economically challenged children in elementary and middle schools. She is a life member of the Nation Alliance of Black
School Educators. She recently received the Life Time Service Award from President Barrack Obama for her service in the Des Moines, Iowa Community .
Together, they continue to provide educational opportunities for children and Teachers across the United States. The program assists in preparing children to become students of excellence by utilizing science and engineering activities. This dynamic team are national speakers, advocates for children and wonderful with parents. Please contact the office  at 515-897-5503 to book this phenomenal team for your convention or workshop needs. 
Visit the following pages to see our current programs:
  • The Black Inventors Classroom-UPS big announcement!
  • Science & Engineering Traveling program for the school year!
  • Hands on Health
  • Girl/Boy Scouts S.T.E.M. Days or Camps
  • The Atlanta, GA Events Page

Please enjoy looking through the Archives
Science & Engineering K-8th 2003-2012
The Best Buy Foundation
 Multicultural Educational Programs was awarded the 2012 Community Youth Leaders Grant Program. The purpose of the grant is for youth to learn about the Broadcasting field. Students will interview people, learn how to produce a talk show and cover current events.
The Youth Leaders spent time interviewing special guest Bass Player Christian McBride at Drake University sponsored by Civic Music before his concert October 13, 2012.
The Best Buy Foundation awarded a grant for youth leaders in the community to report on activities.
Students interview Christian McBride.
Pictured,Executive Director, with students and Christian McBride.
Jasmin Munoz, a Des Moines Area Community Student & the camera operator & Christian McBride
I'll Make Me A World Festival 2012

NASA Launch Engineer, Donald Pipkins, talking about the space shuttle
Dr. Vincent Rodgers and Mr. Dale, the University of Iowa, fun with Physics

Mr. Albert Williams, Retired Design draftsman Children learned to draw in like an engineer and cartooning. 
The Meep students
served popcorn & snow cones !

Afterschool Tutoring Program
King Elementary School 2003 to 2012
Ms. Sandra K. Bell, Director of Education discussing homework with students.
Children started with an educational activity.
Making play dough
Its green!!!
Chemistry:Silly Putty, now its long and stretching!
Building with Magnets What do I create? There's so many shapes and sizes!
Designing robots with gears I can't wait to drive this!
Special Guest Artist and Musician
Mikel Williams reviews his week long residency program for parent night
Parents give feedback:
"The highlight of my child's week was recording a cd".
"I had no idea how well my child could draw a house". Retired Architectural Draftsmen Albert Williams reviews his week  with the parents.
The George Washington Carver Science Academy 2003-2012.
Sponsored by our Medical partner the Des Moines University. An National 2005 award winning program.
Children experience being a doctor or scientist with "hands on opportunities" once each month during the school year.
Working in the lab
Growing a culture
Doing a experiment with different types of germs
What happens when 
you mix oil, water, syrup and color?
Board Member,World renown, perinatal Specialist,  Dr. PaulaMahone who delivered the first set of living Sextuplets teaches the children how a baby grows in the womb
Guest Fire Inspector Teddy Jefferson. He talked about
The Gas Mask invented by Garrett A. Morgan and how It has evolved into a modern mask used now.
Child tries on the fire equipment
The Earth Day Celebration
M.E.E.P. hosts the edible land fill site at the Forest Ave. Library each spring as the Friends of the Des Moines Public Library host the event.
Learning how the design of a landfill is important for the environment.
"Hands on Health Care" at the I'll Make Me A world in Iowa Festival sponsored by Iowa Health Care Systems
The "Hands on Health Care" Program is produced each year for the "I'll Make Me A World In Iowa Festival" the last Sat in January to kick off Black History Month. The Hands on Health Care program invites doctors, nurses and medical students to share their expertise with children in a fun and informational manner. With an attendance of over 20,000 it is the largest African American Festival in Iowa.
The team for "Hands on Health Care" designed by MEEP Board member Dr. Paula Mahone (far right)
front row.
Executive Director
Michelle L. Taylor-Frazier (in African Jacket)
Former Vice President of the MEEP Board Dr. Musau Wakabongo teaching about micro-biology. 
Children pretend to be a surgeon and work with Dr. Chris Harvey, Mercy Medical Center and a medical student from the University of Iowa.
Coming Our newest program in 2014
Bringing science and engineering to Ghana West, Africa
 Our first Global outreach program to Africa!
Rev. Prince Paul of Accra, Ghana has been working for over twenty years and has started over 24 churches in his country. After meeting him four years ago and learning of the wonderful work that he has been doing. A has  science curriculum has been designed about African Inventors to premier at his mission school which serves over 200 children each day! This is a glorious opportunity to celebrate the work of Jesus Christ as the first Inventor and infuse hands on science and engineering activities. The students will receive information about phenomenal people from their great continent as they learn about Jesus Christ each day.
The first trip will consist of two representatives from the Program going to Accra. They will provide training and prepare the teachers to work with the children. Then after sharing the information the remaining time will be spent sharing the curriculum and hands on activities with the children at the school.
Please make a donation to help with this new premier program of excellence! There are several ways you can help! Please contact Amy Griffin, Director of Programs at our office 515-897-5503 for more information or email us from the contact page.
            Children in school and at break time resting! 
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